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At the time of starting Civilology, there is no one shop stop to gain practical knowledge about construction.

We all thought that the 4 years spent on college is fully waste of time. Because the lessons we learned are barely relevant to the site version. Right?

No!!! that’s wrong.

We are using all those lessons on a day to day activity. But we are clueless where we use it.

That is the reason why we have created Civilology where all civil textbooks meet actual site knowledge.

Welcome, all 🙂 😀

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What we publish?

As of now, we planned to publish topics on residential building construction.

Civilology Topics

We all know that constant value using every day but clueless why we are using it 🙄

  • Measurement – As a civil engineer, we have to measure almost all the day. We hope civil engineers 75% of the main work is measurement. Are we doing it in the right way? No worries. We’ve got you covered.
  • Checklist – Are you like? Oh god. Again checklist. Not again

Here in Civilology, you will find custom checklist templates on all topics. You can customize our template (most checklist will be downloadable). It is easy for you to edit a template than creating your own from scratch (may be more advanced than what we published here 😉 ).

It may be either maintaining a tool or completing a task. Quality starts from clarity. when we know what our responsibilities on a work, then the quality of the work will be outstanding. Here you will find topics for almost all civil works. Each task specification will be detailed with diagrams, so you can grab this one and start to work on the task without having fear to ask your superior.

  • Quick Tips – There is a meaning for everything. No one specifically wants us to learn. It is our responsibility to know.


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