Types of Cement and their Uses (12 Types)

Cement on Trowel

Cement is a basic material which can’t be ignored at any situations.

Even if it is plumbing or electrical works some sort of cement action will be required there. In this post, we are going to explain you about some special types of cement available in the market.

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How to Calculate Number of Riser and Treads of Staircase?

Today we are going to calculate the number of riser and treads for a staircase.

This looks like a simple calculation but believe us there is more demolition than perfect construction of staircase. Even though we do the perfect calculation of rise and tread the way of implementation is most important one.

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How to Calculate the Land Area? At site – Geometric Method

Irregular Shaped Site

In this post, we are going to see how to measure a piece of land at the site using the geometric method.

As you know land measurement is the basic and first thing when comes to any construction. Making minor mistake will lead to heavy loss of our budget. At big sites, there may be someone who will take this hard part.

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Difference between Lap Length and Development length

Difference between Lap Length and Development Length (Anchorage)

The main purpose of providing reinforcement bars is to transfer the load from member to member. It may be either to another rebar or to concrete.

In Order to successfully transfer the load from one member to another, reinforcement bars need to be firmly tied at both ends so that it can’t be slipped away.

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14 Types of Brick Bonds – Easy to Remember

Types of Brick Bonds

Are you confused about different types of brick bonds and hard to identify? Not anymore.

The reason for the confusion is, we all assume that every brick bonds are distinguished from others.

But the reality is, there are only 3 basic bonds.

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