How to Measure Painting Area for Irregular Shapes?

Unlike other units of measurement, this one is a bit complicated.

For other types of civil works, we have some rules which are simple to follow. For painting, we have to calculate the surface area in coefficient method (IS 2015 – 1987)

How to measure the painted area for irregular shapes?

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General Guidelines

Painting Area Coefficient

  • No deduction for opening less than 0.5 m2
  • No addition to the painting of edges, feeding, molding, jambs, soffits, sills etc.
  • Painting work up to 10cm or 4″ (inches) in width or girth shall be measured in RMT (running metres)

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Painting Area Calculation:

Let’s do a calculation, using the below coefficient.

For Example, If we are going to calculate the painted area of 3′ x 7′ paneled door means,

Painting Area Example Calculation


Note :

  • If mentioned Overall, only one side of the opening will be taken into the calculation for two sides of painted area.
  • If mentioned Each side, two sides will be taken into calculation (for example, 21 sq.ft +21 sq.ft)


Irregular ShapesImageCoefficient
(Multiplying Factor)
Collapsible / Folding Glass DoorsCollapsible folding door1.50 (Over all)
Corrugated metal doorsCorrugated metal doors1.25 (for each side)
Rolling shuttersRolling Shutters1.10 (for each side)
Open pale fencing and gates, brace and railsOpen pale fence1 (Over all)
Corrugated iron sheetCorrugated iron sheet1.14 (for each side)
A.C Semi corrugated sheetA C Semi Corrugated Sheet1.20 (for each side)
Paneled , battened, ledged and braced doors / windowsPanel door1.30 (for each side)
Flush joinery / doorsFlush door1.20 (for each side)
Partly paneled / glazed doorsPartly Paneled door0.80 (for each side)
Fully glazed doorsFully Glazed Door0.80 (for each side)
Louvered JoineryLouvered window1.80 (for each side)
Trellis work fenceTrellis fence2 (Overall)
Carved or enriched doorCarved door2 (for each side)
Weather boardingWeather Boarding1.20 (for each side)
Wooden shingle roofingWooden shingle roof1.10 (for each side)
Match boardingMatch board1.05 (for each side)
Plain sheet steel doors1.10 (for each side)
Fully glazed steel doors / windowsFully glazed steel doors0.5 (for each side)

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