Difference between Formwork, Shuttering, Centering, and Staging

Difference between Formwork, Shuttering, Centering and Staging.

You may interchangeably use these words without knowing the difference between these terms.

Formwork – Any arrangement done to support the fresh concrete to attain its strength and structure (shape) is referred as formwork. It may be horizontal support or vertical support

Staircase form work

Shuttering – Formwork which supports the vertical surface is known as shuttering (refer the image)

Typical Shuttering Work

Centering – Formwork which supports the horizontal surface such as beam, slab bottoms is known as centering

Typical Slab Centering

Staging – Materials such as wooden ballies, pipes, props, jacks which support both shuttering & centering are known as Staging.

Typical Staging Work

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