How to use a Tape for Effective Measurement? – 4 Hidden Features

How to properly use a tape for effective measurement?

We use this tool every day for measurement. 

But we bet you actually don’t know the full capacity or hidden features of a measuring tape.

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Here we are going to illustrate 4 hidden features of a measuring tape, hope you may find useful.

Feature 1 – Nail/Screw grabber

Did you see the slot on the tape as shown in below on your tape? Actually, it is a feature.

Tape Feature 1
Tape Feature 1-2 Tape Feature 1-3

If you are the only person and no one else to grab the other end of the tape, then you can use this feature to hold the tape in position.

Feature 2 – Serrated Bottom (Zig-Zag bottom)

As you can see there is an uneven surface on the taped corner as shown in the picture.

Tape Feature 2-1 Tape Feature 2-2

It is actually used to make a mark on a surface, you are working on if it is not a hard floor

Feature 3 – Moving Hooks

You may notice this moving hooks on the tape. We thought it is a manufacturing defect.

But it’s not. It is actually a feature. The manufacturers provided the hook with purpose.

Tape Feature 3-1 Tape Feature 3-2

If you compare the first 1 inch and 2nd inch, you can see the difference. The moving hooks also the part of the measurement (1/16th ).

Tape Feature 3-3 Tape Feature 3-4

If you place it inside, the moving hook counts and give full 1 inch.

If you place it outside, it will move outside to adjust that 1/16th measurement to get the correct measurement.

Feature 4 – Tape Base

As shown in the picture (it’s actually not clear but you can see the measurement in your own tape), you can use your tape as a base to measure very narrow space or to measure inside measurement.

Tape Feature 4-1

Also to avoid, tape bending, as shown in below. You can actually count the measurement with the base measurement.

Tape Feature 4-2 Tape Feature 4-3

If you are measuring the window height or width, you can take account of the tape base measurement and can get an accurate measurement.

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Happy Learning 🙂

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