Difference between Carpet area, Built up area and Super Built up Area

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Typical Flat Plan

Difference between Carpet area, Built up area and Super Built up Area

Refer the below table to quickly glance the difference between these terms.

What is Carpet Area?

As the name suggests, Carpet Area means the space where you can lay a carpet in the flat like a bedroom, living room, hall.While calculating the carpet area exclude the wall thickness, utility area, and shaft area.

In simple terms, any floor level which is below the normal floor level will be excluded like the bathroom, utility area (excluding kitchen)

What is Built up area / Plinth area?

Built up area means the area covered by a typical flat.

A typical flat will contains bedrooms, living room, hall, kitchen, balcony, utility area, bathroom & shafts.

These all come under built-up area (including wall thickness) Or else we can simply say it as,
Built up Area = Carpet Area + (Utility Area + Shaft Area + wall thickness)


Carpet Area to Built Up Area Ratio Calculation

(Approx. Value )
Built up Area = Carpet Area + 20% of carpet area
It means, If a carpet area is 750 Sq.ft, then
Built up Area = 750 + (750*20%)
                        = 750+150
                        = 900 Sq.ft


What is the Super Built Area?

Super built-up area means, the total area covered by an apartment building including common areas like a park, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pool, gym, & club house etc.

Refer the below table for better understanding.

Carpet Area, Builtup Area and Super Built Up Area Difference Table

Carpet AreaBuilt up / Plinth AreaSuper Builtup Area
Hall / Living Room
Dining Room
Study Room
Utility Areas
Ducts / Shafts
Wall thickness
Swimming Pool
Club House
Other Ameneties

SOURCE: IS CODE 3861 (2002)

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