Why don’t We Exclude Steel Volume in Concrete Calculation? – Quick Tips

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Why don’t we exclude steel volume in Concrete Calculation?

Whenever we calculate the concrete volume to cast structural members like a beam, footing or slab, we don’t actually exclude the steel reinforcement quantity.


Steel quantity varies anywhere from 1% – 3% of the structural member’s volume which is comparatively low. So we will neglect that.

In simple,

Take the below example,

Typical beam drawing

We will calculate the required concrete volume for the above beam as,

V = L x B x D = 3 x 0.2 x 0.5 = 0.3 m3

According to the thumb rule, the concrete wastage is 3%, the reinforcement for the above example may be 3% = 0.009 m

That steel reinforcement volume will be compromised with the wastage of concrete. So that we don’t actually exclude the steel reinforcement in concrete calculation

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