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IS Codes List – Indian Standards in Civil Engineering

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Code No.Description
IS - 4031Method of physical tests for hydraulic Cement
IS - 650Specification for Standard sand for testing of Cement
IS - 383Specification for Coarse and Fine aggregate for use in mass concrete
IS - 515Specification for natural and manufactured aggregate for use in mass concrete.
IS - 2387Method of test for aggregates for concrete.
IS - 516Methods of test for strength of concrete.
IS - 1199Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete
IS - 3025Methods of sampling and test (physical and chemical) for water used in industry.
IS - 432Specification for Mild steel and medium tensile bars and hard drawn steel wire.
IS - 1139Specification for hot rolled mild steel, medium tensile steel and high yield strength steel deformed bars for concrete reinforcement.
IS – 1566Specification for plain hard drawn steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement
IS - 1785Specification for plain hard drawn steel wire for prestressed concrete.
IS - 1786Specification for cold twisted steel high strength deformed bars for concrete reinforcement.
IS - 303Specification for Plywood for general purposes
IS - 4990Specification for plywood for concrete shuttering work
IS - 1629Rules for grading of cut size of timber
IS - 2645Specification for integral cement water proofing compounds
IS - 1791Specification for batch type concrete mixers
IS - 2438Specification for roller pan mixer
IS - 2505Specification for concrete vibrators , immersion type
IS - 2506Specification for screed board concrete vibrator
IS - 2514Specification for concrete vibrating tables
IS - 3344Specification for pan vibrators
IS - 4656Specification for form vibrators
IS - 2722Specification for portable swing weigh batchers for concrete (single & double bucket type)
IS - 2750Specification for steel scaffoldings.
IS - 456Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete
IS - 1343Code of practice for prestressed concrete
IS - 457Code of practice for general construction of plain and reinforced concrete for dams and other massive structures.
IS - 3370Code of practice for concrete (Part I to IV structures for storage of liquids
IS - 3935Code of practice for composite construction
IS - 3201Criteria for design and construction of precast concrete trusses.
IS - 2204Code of practice for construction of reinforced concrete shell roof
IS - 2210Criteria for the design of R.C. shell structures and folded plates.
IS - 2751Code of practice for welding of mild steel structures are folded plates
IS - 2502Code of practice for bending and fixing of bars for concrete reinforcement
IS - 3558Code of practice for use of immersion vibrators for consolidating concrete
IS - 3414Code of practice for design and installation of joints in buildings
IS - 4014Code of practice for steel tubular, scaffolding
IS - 2571Code of practice for laying insitu cement concrete flooring
IS 73Specification for paving Bitumen
IS 277Galvanised steel sheets (plain and corrugated)
IS 651Glazed stoneware pipes and fittings
IS 702Specification for industrial bitumen
IS 1199 Methods of sampling and analysis of ConCrete
IS 1200 (PTΧ)Method of measurements of building and civil engineering works: Ceiling & Lining
IS 1729Cast iron Drain water pipes and fitting
IS 1367 (PT-13)Technical supply conditions for threaded steel fasteners pt. 13 hot dip galvanized coating on threaded fasteners
IS 2095 (PT-1)Gypsum plaster boards (Pt.1) plain Gypsum plaster boards
IS 2115Code of practice for flat roof finish: mudphuska
IS 2633Method of testing uniformity of coating on zinc Coated articles
IS 2645 Specification for integral water proofing compounds for cement mortar & concrete
IS 3007 (PT.1)Code of practice for laying of asbestos cement sheets: part- 1 corrugated sheets
IS 3087 Particle boards of wood and other ignocellulogic materials (medium density) for general purposes - specifications
IS 3144 Methods of test for mineral Wool thermal insulation materials
IS 3346 Method of the determination of thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials
IS 3348 Specification for fibre insulation boards
IS 3384 Specification for bitumen primer for water proofing and damp proofing
IS 4671 Expanded polystyrene for thermal insulation purposes
IS 5382Specification for rubber sealing rings for gas mains, water mains and sewers
IS 5688 Methods of test of performed block type and pipe covering type thermal insulations
IS 10192Specifications for synthetic resin bonded glass fibre (SRBGF) for electrical purposes.
IS 13592Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipes for soil and Waste discharge system for inside and outside building.
IS 14753Specifications for polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) (Arylic) sheets
IS 14 862Fibre cement flat sheets - specifications
IS 14871Specifications for products in fibre reinforced cement - Long corrugated
IS 771 (Pt.1)Specification for glazed fire clay sanitary appliances: Part 1: General requirements.
IS 771 (Pt.-2) Specification for glazed fire clay sanitary appliances: Part 2: Specific requirements of kitchen and laboratory sink.
IS 772Specific action for general requirements for enameled cast iron sanitary appliances.
IS 774 Flushing cisterns for water closets and urinals (Other than plastic cistern)-Specifications.
IS 1300Phenolic moulding materials.- Specifications
IS 1703Water fittings- Copper alloy float valves (horizontal plunger type) - Specification.
IS 1795 Specification for pillar taps for Water supply purposes.
IS 2267 Polystyrene moulding and extrusion materials - Specifications
IS 2326Specification for Automatic Flushing Cisterns for Urinals (Other than plastic cisterns)
IS 2548 (Part-1Plastic Seats and Covers for Water closets Part 1: Thermo Set Seats and covers - Specifications
IS 2548 (Part-2)Plastic seats and covers for water closets Part 2: Thermoplastic seats and covers.- Specifications
IS 2556Vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china) -Specifications
IS 2556 (Part-1) Part-1General requirements.
IS 2556 (Part-2)Specific requirements of Wash-down water closets.
IS 2556 (Part-3)Specific squatting pans.
IS 2556 (Part-4) Specific requirements of Washbasins.
IS 2556 (Part-5)Specific requirements of laboratory sinkS.
IS 2556 (Part-6) Part-6Specific requirements of Urinals & Partition plates
IS 2556 (Part-7) Specific requirements of accessories for sanitary appliances
IS 2556 (Part -14) Specific requirements of integrated squatting pans.
IS 2556 (Part -15)Specific requirements of universal water closets.
IS 2963Specification for Copper alloy waste fittings for Wash basins and Sinks.
IS 3076Specification for low density polyethylene pipes for potable water Supplies.
IS: 10297 - 1982Design and Construction of Floors and Roofs using Precast Reinforced/

Prestressed Concrete Ribbed or Cored Slab units.
IS: 6006-1983Uncoated Stress relived Strand for Prestressed concrete
IS: 8520 – 1977Guide for selection of industrial safety equipment for eye, face and ear

IS: 8519 – 1977Guide for selection of industrial safety equipment for body protection
IS: 1566 – 1967Hard – Drawn steel wire Fabric for concrete reinforcement
IS: 6313 (Part-III) 1981Anti-Terminate measures in buildings Part-III Treatment for existing

IS: 1080 – 1985Shallow foundations in soils (other than Raft, Ring and Shell) – (2 copies)
IS: 822 – 1970Inspection of welds
IS: 8009 (Part-I) - 1976Calculation of settlements of foundations.
IS: 1904 – 1986Design and Construction of foundations in soils
IS: 383 – 1970Coarse and fine aggregates from natural sources for concrete.
IS: 6403 – 1981Determination of bearing capacity of shallow foundations
IS: 6313 (Part-II) 1981Anti-Termite measures in buildings
IS: 10042 – 1981Site Investigations for foundation in gravel – boulder deposit.
IS: 280 - 1978Mild Steel wire for general engineering purposes.
IS: 432 (Part-I) 1982Mild Steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard – drawn steel wire for

concrete reinforcement
IS: 9143 - 1979Determination of unconfined compressive strength of rock materials
IS: 10379 - 1982Field control of moisture and compaction of soils for embankment and

IS: 1489 (Part-2)1991Portland – Pozzolana cement – specification (calcined clay based)
IS: 7272 (Part – 1) 1974Labour output constants for building work (north zone)
IS: 8142 - 1976Determining setting time of concrete by penetration resistance
IS: 4984 – 1995High Density Polyethylene pipes for water supply - specification
IS: 1477 (Part-1) 1971Painting of Ferrous metals in buildings (Pretreatment)
IS: 1477 (Part-2) 1971Painting of Ferrous metals in buildings (Painting)
IS: 1893 (Part-1)Explanatory Examples on Indian Seismic
IS: 650 : 1991Standard Sand for Testing Cement – Specificaiton
IS: 2505 : 1992Concrete vibrators – Immersion Type-General Requirements
IS: 4014 (Part-1) 1967Steel Tubular Scaffolding (Definitions and materials )
IS: 9013 – 1978Method of making, Curing and determining compressive strength of

accelerated-cured concrete test specimens.
IS: 14268 : 1995Uncoated stress relieved low relaxation seven-ply strand for prestressed

IS: 9595 : 1996Metal – Arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels –

IS: 2911 (Part-4) 1985Design and construction of Pile foundations (Load Test on Piles)
IS: 459-1992Corrugated and Semi-corrugated Asbestas Cement sheets specification.
IS: 8142-1976Determining setting time of concrete by penetration resistance.
IS: 2062-1992Steel for General Structural purposes – specification
IS: 4082-1996Stacking and storage of construction materials and components at site-

recommendations. – 2 copies
IS: 801-1975Use of cold-formed light Gauge steel structural members in general

building construction.
IS:2720 (part-17) 1986Methods of test for soils (part-17) Laboratory Determination of

IS: 4326-1993Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Buildings
IS: 15284 (Part-1) 2003Design and construction for ground Improvement-guidelines-part 1 (stone

IS: 4985 : 2000Unplasticized PVC Pipes for Potable water supplies – specification
IS: 3103 - 1975Industrial Ventilation
IS: 2470 (part-1) 1985Installation of Septic Tanks (Part-1) Design criteria and construction
IS: 2502 - 1963Bending and fixing of bars for concrete reinforcement.
IS: 432-1982Mild Steel and medium Tensile Steel Bars and hard-Drawn Steel wire for

concrete Reinforcement (part-1) Mild Steel and medium Tensile steel Bars
IS: 875 (part-4) 1987Design loads (other than earthquake ) for buildings and structures (part-4)

snow loads.
IS: 7317-1993Uniaxial Jacking Test for modules of Deformation of rock.
IS: 2440:1975Daylighting of Buildings
IS: 7861 (Part-II) 1981Extreme weather concreting (Part – II) recommended Practice for cold

weather concreting.
IS: 3812 - 1981Specification for Fly ash for use as pozzolara and Admixture.
IS:2911 (Part–I) Sec I)-1979Design and construction of Pile foundations (part – 1) concrete piles

section : Driven Cost in situ concrete piles.
IS: 9103 - 1999Concrete Admixtures – Specification.
IS: 269 : 1989Ordinary Portland Cement, 33 grade- specification.
IS: 10262 - 1982Recommended Guidelines for concrete mix design.
IS: 3770 (P-1) 1965Concrete structure for the storage of liquids (Part – 1,2)
SP-7: 1983 (Part-IV)National Building code of India – 1983
IS - 8329 : 2000Centrifugally cast (span) ductile Iron pressure Pipes for water, gas and

IS - 1254 : 1991Corrugated Aluminium Sheet – Specification.
IS:875 (Part-1) - 1987Dead loads – Unit weights of building materials and stored materials.
IS: 1893 (Part –1) 2002Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures
IS: 13072 ; 1991Sulphur Hexafluoride for Electrical purposes – Specification
IS: 11973-1986Treatment of rock foundations, core and abutment contacts with rock, for

embankment dams
IS: 12955 (Part-2) 1990IN-SITU Determination of rock mass deformability using a flexible

IS: 13365 (Part-2) 1992Quantitative classification systems of rock mass – guidelines
IS: 2911 (Part – III) 1980Design and construction of pile foundations (Under-Reamed piles)
IS: 1566 - 1982Specification for Hard-Drawn steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement
IS: 2132-1986Thin welded tube sampling of soils
IS: 1641 - 1988Fire safety of building (General)
IS: 1893 (Part – 1) 2002Criteria for Earthquake resistant design of structures – 2 copies
IS: 4926 : 2003Ready Mixed concrete
IS: 14687: 1999False work for Concrete Structures – Guidelines
IS: 1893 - 1984Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures – 2 copies
IS: 10589 – 1983Specification for equipment for subsurface sounding of soils
IS: 800 : 2007General construction in steel
IS: 3443 - 1980Specification for Crane rail sections
IS: 2386 (Part-I-V) 1963Test for Aggregates for concrete
IS: 3043 - 1987Code of practice for earthing - 2 copies
IS: 3419 - 1989Fittings for rigid non- metallic conduits
IS: 14900 - 2000Transparent float glass
IS: 811 - 1987Cold formed light gauge structural steel sections
IS: 2026 (Part II) 1977Power Transformers, Part-II Temperature - Rise
IS: 9537 (Part I) 1980Conduits for Electrical Installations ( General Requirements )
IS: 694 - 1990PVC Insulated cables for working voltages up to and in including 1100

IS: 7098 (Part-I) 1988Cross linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cables.
IS: 732 - 1989Electrical Wiring installations
IS: 1391 (part 2) 1992Room Air Conditioners (Split Air Conditioners)
IS: 2720 (Part 8) 1983Methods of test for soils
IS: 2720 (Part 5) 1985Methods of test for soils
IS: 2190 : 1992Selection, Installation and maintenance of first-aid fire extinguishers
IS: 12070 - 1987Design and construction of shallow foundations on rocks
IS: 1554 (Part 1) 1988PVC insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric Cables
IS: 1904 - 1986Design and construction of foundations in soils
IS: 1172 - 1993Basic requirements for water supply, drainage and sanitation
IS: 2064 : 1993Selection, Installation and maintenance of sanitary appliances
IS: 2026 (Part – 5) 1994Power Transformers
IS: 7098 (Part 2) 1985Cross linked polyethylene insulated PVC Sheeted Cables
IS: 7098 (Part 1) 1988Cross linked polyethylene insulated theermoplastic Sheathed cables
IS: 2026 (Part I) 1977Specification for power Transformers (General) – 2 Copies
IS: 2026 (Part III) 1981Specification for power transformers (Insulation, Levels, Dielectric tests)
IS: 10028 (Part II) 1981Selection, installation and maintenance of transformers (Installation)
IS: 8009 - 1976Calculation of Settlement of foundations
IS: 2950(Part 1) 1981Design and construction of raft foundations (Design)
IS: 4885 - 1988Specification for Sewer Bricks
IS: 2974 (Part I) 1982Design and construction of machine foundations
IS: 908 - 1975Fire Hydrant, Stand Post Type
IS: 4631 - 1986Laying of Epoxy resin floor toppings
IS: 5491 - 1969Laying in Situ granolithic concrete floor topping
IS: 2571 - 1970Laying IN – SITU cement concrete flooring.
IS: 4971 - 1968Selection of Industrial floor finishes
IS: 1255 - 1983Installation and maintenance of power cables up to and including 33 kv
IS: 2571-1970Laying IN-SITU cement concrete flooring
IS: 2792-1964Design and construction of stone slab over joist floor
IS: 1888-1992Method of Load Test on Soils
IS: 783 - 1985Laying of Concrete Pipes