30+ Civil Work Measurements – Grand Table

Measurement is the single most important thing we should learn first at civil construction.

Especially If you are new to the field. Here is the list of measurements used for different types of works.

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Civil Engineering Measurements

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Before that, just note down some general rules which will be applied for all measurements.

Least Dimension & Measurements

  • 0.01 m in length
  • 0.01 m2 in area
  • 0.01 m3 in volume
  • 0.001 tons in weight

Civil Engineering Measurement Units

EarthworkCUM or m³1. This includes all type of excavation (Excavation, Blasting, Carting away materials)
2. Site clearance will be measured in whole sum or hourly basis including (tree cutting, step formation into deep excavation etc)
BackfillingCUM or m³
4" BrickworkSQM or m²Brick Masonry Construction
Deduction shall not be considered for the following conditions
1. Pipe holes provided for scaffolding
2. Opening less than 0.1 m²
9" BrickworkCUM or m³
Stone workCUM or m³
RCC ConcreteCUM or m³Deduction shall not be considered for the following conditions
1. Volume of reinforcement bars
2. Volume of pipes, conduits less than <0.01 m²
3. Opening less than 0.1 m²
Plain Cement ConcreteCUM or m³
Plum ConcreteCUM or m³
Chejjas/Lofts ConcreteSQM or m²
Sill Slab ConcreteRMT or m
Chip packingRMT or m
Tile FlooringSQM or m²Includes wall and floor tile works and other types of special flooring
Weathering CourseSQM or m²
Brick bat cobaCUM or m³
PlasteringSQM or m²1. Surface Area less than 30cm width will be measured in RMT
2. Opening less than 0.5 m² will not be deducted
SQM or m²1. It includes white washing, color washing, cement washing, Varnishing, Distempering
2. Deduction shall not be considered for the following conditions
Opening less than 0.5 m²

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Drip, string course and water copingRMT or m
GlazingSQM or m²Polishing & Rounding should be measured in metre.
FormworkSQM or m²Opening less than 0.4 m² will not be deducted
Centering, shutteringSQM or m²
ScaffoldingSQM or m²
Door/Window Frame FixingNos
Providing and fixing of reinforcement barsMT
Providing and fixing
Mechanical Splicing using threaded coupler to the reinforcement bars
NosCoupler Explanation Video
Hume pipe installationRMT or mIt includes installation and testing
Fixing G.I.Puddle flanges Nos
Anti termite TreatmentSQM or m²
Damp Proof Course (DPC)SQM or m²
Waterproofing WorkSQM or m²
Hacking/RougheningSQM or m²
Fixing GI MeshRMT or mWidth of mesh should not be considered
Fixing GrillsSQM or m²
Dismantling the Brick
masonry / concrete
block masonry
CUM or m³
Providing and fixing self sealing water swelling barsRMT or mUsed as construction joints
Chain link FencingRMT or m
Laying Paver blockSQM or m²

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